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At Comfort Shield we offer a one time tune up for your heating or air conditioning system. We understand that consumers may want to try our services before making a commitment to purchase our Guardian Maintenance Plan. Although our plan comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and you can cancel at any time, we want to offer a one time tune up so that the consumer may try our services. We also understand that some home and business owners are only interested in a one time tune up and the Super Tune Up will be ideal for you.

Benefits of having your furnace or air conditioner tuned up:

  • Improves system safety:  

Our technicians will test the components of your heating and air conditioning system to ensure that it is as safe as possible.

  • Improves System Efficiency and Reduces Energy Costs:

During our maintenance visit we will make any necessary adjustments to ensure your heating and air conditioning equipment is running at it's maximum efficiency.

  • Extends Equipment Life:

By having our Guardian Maintenance Plan you can extend the life of your heating and air conditioning equipment by simply having it cleaned and addressing any minor issues before they become major problems.

  • Our trained technicians specialize in:

 A/C Repair, Furnace Repair, Heat Pump Repair, Air Purification, Air Conditioning Installation, Furnace Installation, Heat-pump Installation.

You will find that we have fair pricing and our work is 100% Guaranteed.

Choose either the air conditioning or the heating system tune up. If you are interested in both, it's always best to get our Guardian Maintenance Plan.

Heating System Tune Up

  • Complete System Safety Inspection.
  • Inspect vent system condition.
  • Inspect heat exchanger.
  • Check/Adjust manifold (gas) pressure.
  • Inspect ignition system.
  • Clean flame sensor.
  • Check emergency heat operation (heat pumps)
  • Inspect duct and insulation coverage
  • Test for proper temperature rise
  • Check and inspect wiring
  • Check and inspect the blower motor and wheel
  • Monitor the safety switches.
  • Change filter-standard filter included

Air Conditioning Tune Up

  • Clean outdoor condenser coil
  • Inspect indoor evaporator coil for proper air flow.
  • Change Filter – 1" standard  filter is included
  • Inspect contactor for wear.
  • Clear condensate drains line.
  • Inspect condensate pump for proper operation.
  • Check compressor amps for proper operation.
  • Check motor amp draw for proper operation
  • Test and inspect the thermostat
  • Inspect the fan blade
  • Inspect duct and insulation coverage.
  • Weed control treatment around condenser.
  • Check refrigerant levels.
  • Inspect ductwork.
  • Inspect fan blade for balance and/or wear.
  • Inspect disconnect box for loose connections.
  • Check time delays.
  • Measure temperature difference.
  • Test and inspect any safety devices.

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