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Heating Repair

Everybody deserves a warm, comfortable and safe home or office. If your home or office heating system should break down or stop working properly, it is important to have a company you can trust to perform the heating repair services you need quickly, and at an affordable price. When you need heating repair, call Comfort Shield Heating and Air Conditioning, llc.

Comfort Shield is a heat repair company that really cares about its customers. Call today and we will make sure that the heating system in your home is running safely and efficiently. This is just one of the ways Comfort Shield goes above and beyond to make sure that our customers are not only warm, but they are safe too.

We repair, install and maintain furnaces, heat pumps, and other types of home heating equipment. We are so confident in the skills of our technicians that we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with every job that we complete. If you ever have a problem with any of the heat repair services we have provided for you, we will do whatever we can to make things right. This guarantee goes beyond the services we provide. It also covers the parts and equipment we supply. If you aren’t happy with the parts or equipment you have purchased from us, simply contact us and we can help you.

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Furnace Repair:

Things we check when you call us to your home or business:

  • Safety First!

We inspect and evaluate the safety of your heating system.

  • Change the Filter

We change the filter, if needed, to ensure proper air flow.

  • Make Sure Burners are Clean

We inspect the burners to make sure there is no debris or obstructions.

  • Inspect the Ignition System

Whether you have a pilot light, spark ignition or hot surface Ignitor, we check for signs of wear and damage.

  • Clean the Flame Sensor

We Clean the flame sensor to remove any corrosion or carbon build up.

  • Check Manifold Pressure

We check, and adjust if necessary, the gas pressure going to the furnace.

  • Monitor Safety Switches

We run your furnace through a series of test to ensure that the heating system is safe.

One of the main problems discovered on a furnace or heating repair call is the system is dirty. By not changing the filter on a regular basis, the heating system is not getting the proper air flow. 

When the heating system does not get the proper air flow, it causes the system, and the components within the system to run at a much higher temperature.

When mechanical components run at a higher temperature than they are rated, it is just a matter of time before it fails.

Quality you can trust:

Comfort Shield continues to set the standard for quality in the heat repair industry. When folks in Acworth, Atlanta, Douglasville, Kennesaw and surrounding areas need heat repair services; they can count on us. No matter what make or model or how old or new your heating system is; Comfort Shield's highly skilled heat repair technicians will help you keep your home or office warm this winter.

We are dedicated to being the most dependable name in heating repair services. We will send an experienced heat repair specialist to your home or office whenever you need us. For your convenience, we offer extended hours for heat repair services. 

At Comfort Shield, our goal is to provide prompt, dependable and convenient services for all of our customers. We are proud to perform top of the line heat repair services for our customers.

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We accept all major credit cards.