Our Full Service -Furnace or Heat Pump Super Tune Up

At Comfort Shield we offer a one time tune up for your furnace or heating system. We understand that consumers may want to try our services before making a commitment to purchase our Guardian Maintenance Plan. Although our plan comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and you can cancel at any time, we want to offer a one time tune up so that the consumer may try our services. We also understand that some home and business owners are only interested in a one time tune up and the Super Tune Up will be ideal for you.

Benefits of having your air furnace or heat pump tuned up:

  • Improves system safety:  

Our technicians will test the components of your heating system to ensure that it is working as safe and efficient as possible.

  • Improves System Efficiency and Reduces Energy Costs:

During our maintenance visit we will make any necessary adjustments to ensure your heating equipment is running safely and  at its maximum efficiency.

  • Extends Equipment Life:

By having your heating system tuned up or having our Guardian Maintenance Plan, you can extend the life of your furnace or heat pump equipment by simply having it cleaned and addressing any minor issues before they become major problems.

  • Our trained technicians specialize in:

 A/C Repair, Furnace Repair, Heat Pump Repair, Air Purification, Air Conditioning Installation, Furnace Installation, Heat-pump Installation.

You will find that we have fair pricing and our work is 100% Guaranteed.

Heating System Super Tune Up Includes:

  1. Safety First!- we will perform a complete safety inspection of your heating system. Your safety is very important to us and we go to great lengths to evaluate your heating system so that is is as safe as possible. We will also let you know of any concerns that may need to be addressed and help you with the solution.

  2. Inspect indoor evaporator coil for proper air flow- having the proper air flow through the evaporator coil is extremely important when it comes to heating your home or office. Although it doesn't need to be cleaned often, having restricted air flow in the evaporator coil may cause the heating system to overheat due to lack of airflow and the equipment will lock itself out with the built in safety features. We will check and inspect the airflow during the tune up and make recommendations if needed.

  3. Change Filter – 1" standard  filter is included - a one inch standard air filter is included with our heating super tune up. If your system takes a special air filter we can provide and install that for you at an additional charge and we can give you a quote while we are there.

  4. Inspect the ignition system- the ignition system will be tested and inspected during our visit. This is what ignites the gas when the furnace is called for. The ignition system stays in the flame every time the furnace is used and over time will show signs of wear that could possibly cause a system failure, therefore is is important to have it inspected to avoid breakdowns.

  5. Clean the flame sensor- making sure that the flame sensor is clean is an essential part of avoiding a heating failure. This sensor stays in the flame as well and over time will have carbon build up therefore not being able to sense the flame.This is included with our Heating System Super Tune Up.

  6. Inspect the gas valve and gas pressure-we will inspect and test the gas valve for loose wiring or corrosion and check the gas pressure going to the furnace. To extend the life of the heating equipment and for safety concerns the gas pressure should be checked annually. It is important that the fuel going to the furnace is completely burned off so that soot does not build up within the furnace. 

  7. Monitor the safety switches-during the heating system tune up the safety switches will be monitored for proper operation. Keep in mind, they are switches and over time they will start to wear and should be checked. 

  8. Check motor amp draw and proper operation- blower motors are rated to start and run at a specified amperage. We will test the blower motor as well, hopefully catching small issues before they become major problems. Keeping your heating system from breaking down when you need it most is our highest goal.

  9. Test and inspect the thermostat-we will inspect and test your thermostat to insure it is operating your furnace or heat pump properly. We also check the battery compartment for corrosion, then change the batteries. This is included with every Super Tune Up.

  10. Test the capacitor-when servicing the furnace or heat pump it is important that the capacitor be checked. The capacitor is a critical part of the heating system fan motor starting properly.

  11. Inspect duct and insulation coverage-the ductwork will be inspected as part of the tune up. This is important because leaks in the system or insulation falling off would cause a big difference in the efficiency of the heating system.

  12. Inspect the blower wheel -the blower wheel will be inspected for any debris or build up. Heavy build up on the blower wheel will reduce the airflow and possible overheating or low air volume within the duct system. The blower wheel will also be inspected for proper balance.

  13. Inspect the vent system-during the heating tune up we will inspect the vent system for loose connections and corrosion. Recommendations for improvement will be given if necessary. 

  14. Test and inspect any safety devices-we will check and test any safety devices related to the heating system during the tune up. This not only protects your property, but it also protects the equipment.

  15. Inspect heat Exchanger-the heat exchanger will be monitored for signs of corrosion, rust, leakage or flame roll out.

  16. Inspect disconnect box for loose connections-the wiring in the disconnect box will be inspected for loose connections and corrosion. Corrosion can cause voltage and current flow degradation. Keeping corrosion out of the system will help keep the furnace or heat pump working when you need it most.

  17. Check time delays-we will check any time delay on your heating system. Most furnaces and heat pumps have a built in time delay, to protect the compressor on heat pumps and to allow for temperature rise and cool down on furnaces. We insure that any time delays are doing their job to help protect the compressor on heat pumps and insure the furnace is working properly.

  18. Measure temperature difference-during the Heating System Super Tune Up we will measure the temperature difference between the return air going to the heater and the supply air this test will help determine if the heating system is properly working.

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