Is the dryness of your home’s air under control?

Dry air can be a problem in almost any home, but it is most common in semi-arid climates and those that require forced air heating during the cooler months of the year. In fact, during the winter months, the combination of cool, outdoor air and forced furnace heat can cause your home to be drier than the Sahara Desert.

• Low relative humidity can make you more susceptible to catching a cold.* And flu viruses have been linked to speedier progression and transmission in dry air.**

• The respiratory infections caused by cold and flu viruses are a leading trigger of asthma in children.† Plus, cold, dry air on its own can aggravate asthma.

• Static shock and dry, itchy skin, eyes and throat can all be traced back to air that’s not properly humidified.

But that’s not all. Dry air can cause structural damage to your home and possessions, the result of which can be quite costly. It can cause walls, woodwork and hardwood floors to crack. And those annoying static shocks? They can cause irreparable damage to your electronic equipment.

Then, there’s the impact that dry air can have on your energy bill. Dry air can actually make you feel colder at normal temperatures, causing you to overheat your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, for every degree you heat your house, you add four percent to your energy bill.‡

Dry indoor air is more than just an inconvenience. It’s a threat to the health and comfort of your family—as well as your budget. Thankfully, with Aprilaire, there’s something you can do to control it.

Sources: * PLOSone, High Humidity Leads to Loss of Infectious Influenza Virus from Simulated Coughs. ** Department of Microbiology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Influenza Virus Transmission Is Dependent on Relative Humidity and Temperature; 2007, New York, New York, USA. † Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Asthma Overview. ‡ Environmental Protection Agency. Region 7. Home Helps.

Healthier, more comfortable air is within your reach.

While dry air can make your home both uncomfortable and unhealthy, there’s no need for you and your family to suffer. Aprilaire whole-home humidifiers can help. They are installed as part of your home’s heating and cooling system and automatically deliver the perfect amount of humidified air, not just to one room, but throughout every room of your home.

An Aprilaire whole-home humidifier can help you:

Control health

Maintaining the right humidity level throughout your home not only helps keep your nasal passages and airways healthy, it helps reduce colds and the flu. Even the common cold can be controlled with proper humidity. According to Dr. Joseph Lubart in an article in the New York State Journal of Medicine, “The most important prevention measure would appear to be proper regulation of the humidity, especially during the heating season with its distressing drying of the indoor air and the creation of an environment favorable to the cold bug.” Aprilaire humidifiers monitor indoor relative humidity to make sure the air in your home is unwelcoming to viruses and other unhealthy inhabitants.

Protect your home

You’ve invested a lot into your home’s features and contents. An Aprilaire humidifier can help keep your possessions protected. Furniture, hardwood floors, musical instruments and electronics are all safer when your home is properly humidified.

Increase comfort and energy efficiency

Optimal humidity can also help you stay warmer at cooler temperatures. That means you can lower your thermostat and save energy, thereby lowering your heating costs.

Aprilaire whole-home humidifiers come with many distinct advantages.

One is that they are installed as part of your heating and cooling system. That means, they deliver perfect humidification throughout your entire home without multiple noisy, unsightly and difficult-to-maintain portable units.

Another advantage is that Aprilaire whole-home humidifiers deliver the absolute perfect amount of humidity, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They accurately measure the outdoor temperature and indoor humidity levels to provide the ideal amount of indoor relative humidity.


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Aprilaire has a full range of indoor air quality solutions that work together to make your home more healthy, comfortable and energy efficient. From whole-home air purifiers and humidity control to ventilation and zoned temperature solutions, we can help you maintain an optimum indoor environment for your home and family.

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