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Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance


Sometimes there are breakdowns. When an air conditioning system is not properly maintained, the a/c system has lost it's efficiency. Not only will the air conditioner run much longer than needed, but the internal components are running hot, at a much higher temperature than necessary.

The components of an air conditioning system are air cooled by design. If the coils are dirty, filters are clogged, and the system is not getting the proper airflow, some parts will eventually overheat and fail. 

Air Conditioners also produce condensate water. It is essential that the condensate drain line be checked for debris and any blockage that could result in the condensate water backing up into the structure. This alone could cause major property damage.

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What we check when we come to your home or office:

  • Safety First!- We inspect and evaluate the safety of your air conditioning system.

  • The Filter - dirty, clogged filters inhibit proper airflow.

  • The Condensate Drain Line - to insure proper drainage.

  • The Coil - for cleanliness, to insure proper air flow. 

  • The Wiring - for corrosion or damage.

  • The Capacitor - to ensure they are within range of their rating.

  • The Contactor - wear can cause pits that prevent a good electrical connection.

  • The Refrigerant - maintaining the refrigerant at the proper level is essential for the system efficiency.

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