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At Comfort Shield we offer a one time tune up for your air conditioning system. We understand that consumers may want to try our services before making a commitment to purchase our Guardian Maintenance Plan. Although our plan comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and you can cancel at any time, we want to offer a one time tune up so that the consumer may try our services. We also understand that some home and business owners are only interested in a one time tune up and the Super Tune Up will be ideal for you.

Benefits of having your air conditioner tuned up:

  • Improves system safety:

Our technicians will test the components of your air conditioning system to ensure that it is working as safe and efficient as possible.

  • Improves System Efficiency and Reduces Energy Costs:

During our maintenance visit we will make any necessary adjustments to ensure your air conditioning equipment is running at its maximum efficiency.

  • Extends Equipment Life:

By having your air conditioner tuned up or having our Guardian Maintenance Plan you can extend the life of your air conditioning equipment by simply having it cleaned and addressing any minor issues before they become major problems.

  • Our trained technicians specialize in:

 A/C Repair, Furnace Repair, Heat Pump Repair, Air Purification, Air Conditioning Installation, Furnace Installation, Heat-pump Installation.

You will find that we have fair pricing and our work is 100% Guaranteed.

Air Conditioning Super Tune Up Includes:

  1. Clean outdoor condenser coil- having the A/C coil cleaned is an essential part of the heat transfer process. This will help the air conditioner cool the space quickly and efficiently and the air conditioner will not need to run as long to do its job.

  2. Inspect indoor evaporator coil for proper air flow- having the proper air flow through the air conditioning evaporator coil is extremely important when it comes to cooling your home or office. Although it doesn't need to be cleaned as often, having restricted air flow in the evaporator coil may cause the A/C to run much longer than needed to cool the space. We will check and inspect the air flow during the tune up and make recommendations if needed.

  3. Change Filter – 1" standard  filter is included - a one inch standard air filter is included with our air conditioning super tune up. If your system takes a special air filter we can provide and install that for you at an additional charge and we can give you a quote while we are there.

  4. Inspect contactor for wear- the contactor is the high voltage switch that turns the air conditioner on and off. During the cooling season it is used hundreds of times switching the air conditioner on and off. The contacts that are internal of the switch will become pitted from a small arch that happens every time it is turned on, therefore is is important to have it inspected to avoid breakdowns.

  5. Clear condensate drains line- making sure that the condensate drain line is clear and open is a critical part of the tune up service. Over time sediment and scale can build up and cause the condensate drain to back up and possibly flood your home or office. It is essential that the line be cleared at the beginning of every air conditioning season. This is included with our Air Conditioning Super Tune Up.

  6. Inspect condensate pump for proper operation- if your A/C system is located below grade or in the basement, there is a good chance it pumps the condensate water out of the structure with a condensate pump. The same as the condensate line, sediment and particles can build up in the pump causing the water from the air conditioner to overflow possibly causing water damage to the structure. Cleaning and testing the condensate pump is included with our cooling tune up. 

  7. Check compressor amps for proper operation- one of the first signs that the compressor is going to fail will be its pulling higher amperage than necessary. During the air conditioning tune up we will check the amp draw on the compressor to determine if it is operating within its proper rating. If we find an issue, we will of course let you know, so that an necessary adjustments can be made before a break down.

  8. Check motor amp draw and proper operation- similar to the amp draw on the compressor, fan motors are rated to start and run at a specified amperage. We will test the fan motor as well, hopefully catching small issues before they become major problems. Keeping your air conditioner from breaking down when you need it most is our highest goal.

  9. Test and inspect the thermostat-we will inspect and test your thermostat to insure it is operating your air conditioner properly. We also check the battery compartment for corrosion, then change the batteries.

  10. Test the capacitor-when servicing the air conditioner it is important that the capacitor be checked. The capacitor is a critical part of the A/C fan motor and the compressor starting properly.

  11. Inspect duct and insulation coverage-the ductwork will be inspected as part of the tune up. This is important because leaks in the system or insulation falling off would cause a big difference in the efficiency of the air conditioning system.

  12. Weed control treatment around condenser-a weed treatment is provided, if necessary, around the outside condenser. If weeds, vines or other types of vegetation grow in or too close to the A/C it will block the air flow. This will cause the air conditioner to work much harder than needed.

  13. Check refrigerant levels-the refrigerant level and pressure will be tested as part of the Spring Super Tune Up. The refrigerant level being correct is an essential part of the air conditioner working properly. If your A/C seems like it runs forever to cool your space, then having your refrigerant checked could resolve this issue.

  14. Test and inspect any safety devices-we will check and test any safety devices related to the air conditioner during the tune up. This not only protects your property, but it also protects the equipment.

  15. Inspect fan blade for balance and/or wear-the fan blade will be inspected to insure that it is properly balanced. This will help with unnecessary vibration and help to reduce the wear on the A/C fan motor.

  16. Inspect disconnect box for loose connections-the wiring in the disconnect box will be inspected for loose connections and corrosion. Corrosion can cause voltage and current flow degradation. Keeping corrosion out of the system will help keep the air conditioner working when you need it most.

  17. Check time delays-we will check any time delay on your A/C system. Most air conditioners and heat pumps have a built in time delay to protect the compressor. We insure that any time delays are doing their job to help protect the air conditioner and the compressor.

  18. Measure temperature difference-during the Air Conditioning Super Tune Up we will measure the temperature difference between the return air going to the A/C coil and the supply air after it has crossed the air conditioning coil. This test will help determine if the A/C is properly cleaned and charged with refrigerant.

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