Comfort Shield is here to help you with any heating issues that you may have. Whether you have a natural gas furnace, electric heat or a heat pump, we are here to help restore your heating needs. If your heater is in need of repair or a tune up, our technicians are trained to get your heating system up and running. 

Heating FAQ:

Q: Do I really need a professional to inspect my heating system?

A: Yes. It is important to have your heating system checked annually to insure the system is operating safely and properly.

Q: Why should I get regular maintenance on my heating and air conditioning system?

A: Your heating and air conditioning system was designed, manufactured and rated to run at optimal performance. With that being said, keeping the components clean is essential for its overall performance. Maintaining unrestricted air flow is an important part of the system transferring heat. Dust,dirt and debris can be your HVAC systems worst enemy. 

Q: Do I really need to change the filter regularly?

A: Yes. Regular filter replacement helps your heating and cooling system operate at peak levels and improves indoor air quality. It is important to change the filter regularly to ensure proper air flow. This alone could eliminate many of the most common problems that need repair. By keeping the mechanical system operating at a lower running temperature, your HVAC system is less likely to break down when you need it most.

Q: What do the HVAC guys actually do to the furnace to "tune it up"?

A:Below is a list of what is recommended by the manufacturer for furnaces / heating systems. These test and inspections should be done annually.

  • The vent system need to be checked for blockage and/or leakage. This includes the outside termination, the connections to the furnace, and internals of the furnace.
  • The blower access door needs to be checked to make sure it makes a tight seal to the furnace. This prevents fumes from the furnace from being pulled into the living area.
  • The furnace burners need to be checked for blockage, proper ignition, burner flame, and the flame sensor needs to be cleaned.
  • The furnace fresh air intake grills and louvers need to be checked for blockage and cleaned if necessary.
  • The heat exchanger needs to be inspected for rust and corrosion.
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  • The blower wheel needs to be checked for debris and cleaned if necessary.
  • An amp draw test should be conducted on the blower motor to insure it's proper operation.
  • The wiring needs to be checked for corrosion and damage.
  • The filter needs to be changed. (A dirty filter will cause the furnace or heating system to over heat, and the safety switches will turn the furnace off.


These test and inspections should be conducted by a qualified contractor or technician. Our technicians are trained to look for safety concerns and take preventative measures to keep your furnace or heating system from breaking down when you need it most.


All of the test and inspections listed above are included in our Guardian Maintenance Plan. Call today for more information.

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